Install pipelines from 60.3 mm to 508 mm OD

 Experience with the installation and repair of steel, fiberglass and polyethylene pipelines

 Install Thrucoat, Zaplock and Surloc joining systems

 Sufficient resources and specialized equipment for pipeline construction of any length in any terrain or conditions


 Experience in the construction and installation of various types of facilities including batteries, satellites, tank farms, compressors, separators, dehydrators, line heaters, flare stacks and related wellsite equipment

 We also provide:

          Start-up services

          Pile installation services

          Structural steel installation services


 Have provided oilfield maintenance services since 1974

 Services include:

          General maintenance crews and excavation services

          Plant turnarounds

          Rubber-tire backhoe services

          Piping installation and modifications

          Gravel hauling and spreading

          Painting and general clean-up services   

          Lease and road building         

To contact us:

Highway 11 South

P.O. Box 1807 

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta Canada T4T 1B4

Phone: (403) 845-2469

Fax:     (403) 845-4844




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Pipeline and Facility Construction